Current Release: v5.0.2.6
Release Date: 2016-11-04

Current beta version:

Innovation award

About multiOTP
The multiOTP class is a strong authentication class in pure PHP, OATH certified, that supports the following algorithms:
 - RFC4226 OATH/HOTP (
 - RFC6238 OATH/TOTP (
 - Yubico OTP (
 - mOTP (
  - Google Authenticator (OATH/HOTP or OATH/TOTP, base32 seed, QRcode provisioning)
 - SMS tokens (using aspsms, clickatell, intellisms, or even your own script)
 - RFC6030 PSKC (Additional Portable Symmetric Key Container Algorithm Profiles)
 - RFC1994 CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol)
 - RFC2433 MS-CHAP (Microsoft PPP CHAP Extensions)
 - RFC2759 MS-CHAPv2 (Microsoft PPP CHAP Extensions, Version 2)
 - RFC5424 Syslog Protocol (client)

multiOTP works great with the following WIndows RADIUS server:
TekRADIUS is a very nice free RADIUS server for Windows from Yasin KAPLAN (now with MS-SQL or SQLite backend).

multiOTP works great with a FreeRADIUS server under Linux.

Compatible software tokens:

 - androidtoken for Android (OATH/HOTP and OATH/TOTP)
 - oathtoken for iPhone (OATH/HOTP and OATH/TOTP)
 - various mOTP token implementations for J2ME devices, PalmOS, Python, ...
 - and many others...